Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Monday, December 17, 2012

Is It to Late For A Wee Bit More Christmas?

YIKES!  Christmas Eve a week from tonight... I feel like I am just getting into the grove of creating Christmas and I really need to stop... sigh... yet I can't seem to just yet...
I debated to just leave these goodies until next year, but I am still filling some requests... So what the heck... Here they are.. Please email with any questions or to adopt one.

 First up, the last of my plump snowman ornaments.  These guys are my own original design. 
The first two from the left are created from grungy osnburg, and the one on the right from grungy diaper flannel.
 I have 2 in the grungy osnburg, one blue boy, and 2 in the diaper flannel.  They are about 9" tall from hat to toes and about 4" at their plumpest belly.  Kindly asking $9.50 ea and travel fare.
Blue snowman is sold , THANK YOU!
From my last update, I have one prim Angel ornament left.  She is created from a Walnut Ridge Primitives.  She is created from grungy ticking fabric, rusty bells at the tip of her wings and a wee bit a sheep wool for her hair.  Kindly asking $14.50 and travel fare...ANGEL IS SOLD, THANK YOU!
 I wanted to do these all season.  It took me this long to FINALLY finish them up.  This nativity set is created from a TFC folkart pattern. They are very sweet and simple.  Mary and Joesph are 5" tall created from grungy osnburg.  Their outfits from wool.. Baby Jesus lays on a bed of flax in a vintage tart pan.

 In this set, Mary's outfit is more a light blue wool... Kindly asking $23.50 and travel fare.  They are sold, thank you so much!

Set 2.. The only different here is Mary's outfit is a grey wool.

 Joesph beard from sheep wool.  $23.50 and travel fare.... ( you can click on the picture to make them bigger to see detail)  They are sold and going home for Christmas, thank you!

Lastly, 3 Primitive Frostys.  They are a OLM Original design.  Created from grungy diaper flannel, very soft.
 Wool for their noses grungy homespun for their outfits, wool scarf's and stick for their arms.
Each is about 17-18" tall from hat to toes.  From the left is a red homespun outfit, middle blue, and right a black & red homespun.  They would look great tucked in a bowl or hanging from a cabinet door or peg rack.  Kindly asking $16.50 and travel fare. 
Wishing everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you everyone for your support of my handmade creations through out this past year! OLM

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ornament update...

Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving!  I don't know where September and October has gone!  Everything is going by so fast....sigh....
 I have several more creations in the works and was going to wait for one big update...But I am so loving how all these primitive ornaments have turned out, I didn't want to wait....

Please email with any questions or for adoption at . And you can click on the pictures to make them bigger to see details better.

First,  I so love this snowman in a primitive stocking.  I created 5 of them from a wonderful Angel and the crow pattern.  The snowman is made from grungy onsburg,  and of course sanded a couple of times. 
 Sweet orange wool nose and black floss stitched for his facial details... Little rusty bell on his belly and the tip of his stocking. And a twig star on a stick tucked in.
 I have 3 in this red ticking and 2 in a red/black homespun fabric.  Each is about 11" long. They would look great on one's tree or from  peg rack.. Kindly asking $11.50 ea and travel fare...
All of the snowmen are spoke for, THANK YOU!!!

I so love snowmen.  I keep many out through February.  These sweet guys are a OLM original designs.  Made from grungy muslin, painted white, orange wool for their noses and black floss for their facial details.  Different grungy homespun for their outfits and wool for their scarf's.   Stick for their arms, each is about 8"

These 3 snowmen are going home for the Holidays! THANK YOU!!!
 Each is a wee bit different, no two alike.   I have 5 available at this time. Kindly asking $8.50 and travel fare.  These snow guys are all sold THANK YOU!!!!

Oh these wonderful VERY primitive Angels.  I have had this pattern from Walnut Ridge Primitives for several years and finally said, I NEED TO MAKE THESE LADIES! 
They have been created from a yellow/gold ticking fabric, some painted white/flesh color and some black.  They will look great at the top of a primitive tree , tucked on a shelf or in a basket with some greens.
 I have taken individual pictures of each one.  Hint of flax for their hair.  Rusty bells at each end.  Pinched mouths and noses.  This Angel is sold, THANK YOU!
 each of these gals are about 11" long and anywhere from 5- 6" tall.... This Angel is SOLD! THANK YOU!!!
This Angel is going home for Christmas!!! THANK YOU!
 these two gals above are about 7x 7...
 I have two of this style, otherwise I have created one of each...These gals are both sold, THANK YOU!
Kindly asking $14.50 each and travel fare.   This Angel is sold too. Thanks so much for taking a moment to peek at my latest creations, again please feel free to contact me with any questions or to give one a home.
Wishing everyone a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 19, 2012


I am starting all things Holiday this week!  In cleaning up, I realize there where more fall creations left then I thought.... SO, I have marked a few things down, but I am offering FREE SHIPPING on anything listed in this post.
I am going to keep the descriptions very simple... any questions on size, most have been listed in previous posts or just shot me a email at  I accept PP and MO. thanks for peeking!

First up is one of the GOOFY JACK that is published in the current issue of PRIMS Magazine.  He is a OLM OOAK Original design.  He will come with a current issue of PRIMS too!

 He is one of my bigger JACKS... Kindly asking $75....for the published Jack....

I have one somewhere in between Jacks left.....
 kindly asking $13.50.... a OLM OOAK Original design --- Some where Jack is SOLD, thank you kindly!

Fancy Jack... made from osnburg orange body, black arms and legs... was $24.50 now $19.50
 Simple Jack is a OLM OOAK Original design....
 Simple plain pumpkins, I had 3 sets, one left kindly asking $13.50... a OLM Original design
Simple Pumpkins are SOLD! Thank You KINDLY!!!
 Sweet little pillow I created from a wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern.  Kindly asking $13.50
 Ms. Wicket and her cat!  Love her... I finished her up, but never got her up to sell...  I was side tracked..but she would love a home for the season yet!  She is about 22" long her cat is not attached to her.  I have a loop on the back if you wish to hand her... She is created from a wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern.

 Kindly ask $34.50 .....

Painted Jack, a OLM OOAK Original design... was $22.50... now $20.50
 I never showed Blue- Lu pumpkin gal... yup..sidetracked... I had 2 of the orange pumpkin gals, one of the orange gals is in her forever home.... so one left....

 The girls are about 22" long not including their stems... Kindly asking $30.50 -- OLM OOAK'S
Blue-LU is SOLD, thank you kindly!!!
Tall JACKS... last 2 for the season... $16.50 ea....
 Sarah the good witch, another wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern!  She is a long gal!  about 33" long from hat to toes... long wicked nose... painted green, hint of flax for hair....

 she was $34.50... now $30.50

Lastly, my last very big misfit pumpkin... he is about 13x19 not including his stick... mostly rag stuffed... was $ $28.50
Free shipping on all the last of the OLM creations for the year.  Any questions or to adopt, please email me at!  Have a great day! OLM

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 24th Update

YIKES! I all see is pumpkins! BUT, this is my last batch of pumpkins from the OLM pumpkin patch this year!  I have a couple make-a-dos I am working on.  So there will be one more little pumpkin update later this week, but for the most part, this is the last of the Goofy Jack for this year...sigh....
All ready for the haunting season, great wee bit smaller sizes....

First up the 4 tall skinny goofy JACKS!  I have done a few in this size. They are great to tuck here or there.. I have 4 available, one Blue, 2 Orange and one White... All are about 7" tall without their stems... give or take about 12-14" tall with the stems... about 4" across and 17-18 around... wool details and vintage buttons for their goofy jack faces...
Kindly asking $16.50 ea and travel fare
All are OLM OOAK Original designs...
White Skinny Jack is sold! Thank you!!!
 I love this size! New one for me... bigger then my baby boos...I am calling them my plum round boys! But they would look great tucked in old bowls and such... The one in the front left is a yellow, then one white, 2 orange, one blue....all OOAK OLM original designs...
They are about 4" tall w/out their stems... 6-8" tall with their stems... 4" across and a plump 15" around.
Kindly asking $10.50 and travel fare -- White plump boy and blue boy is sold! THANK YOU!  2 Orange available and the yellow boy available. Plump orange with the big wool nose is sold! THANK YOU!
BOO!  I have 4 prim OLM Original ghosts... they can hang off a peg rack or a old branch... They are about 12" long with their grungy cheese cloth... Kindly asking $7.50 each and travel fare... I have 4 available
One Ghost sold-- 3 left, thank you!___ALL GHOSTS ARE SOLD, THANK YOU!

Baby boos!  My lil JACKS!  all different, all alittle off beat!  I have 11 available here.. In blue, yellow, white, green and orange...hiding in my box of stems I found several little dried stems, so most have stems, a few have sticks...
I do ask I will try to pick out faces, but this might be hard to keep track, so I ask for understanding in trying to pick... or please just let me pick :)
These guys are about 3" across, 3" tall w/out their stems... and about 14" around.. all just a wee bit different.
Kindly asking $7.50 ea and travel fare....
2 of the blue boo's sold, thank you!
Orange baby boo's are sold... as is the white one in front and one of the green boys.... I have one green one left, 2 white, the yellowish one, and the blue one in the back with the bent stick, thank you!
Somewhere in between jack... 3 of these guys left... all OLM OOAKS...  they are about 5-6 across... 4" tall w/out the stem... about 6" with the stems... about 18" around... Kindly asking $13.50 ea and travel fare..

Lastly My pumpkin gals, they are currently listed over on under olde lady Morgan, kindly asking $30.50 and travel fare
Please email me with any questions or to adopt one of my creations at !Thanks so much for taking a moment to peek! OLM

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept. 19th Update....

WHOOHOO!!! It feels like fall!  I am lovin this weather!  I hope you are too, it goes by so fast....
This is a all things fall update!  I will have another early next week, then I hate to say it, but it's onto Christmas and winter creating...
Please email me with any questions or to adopt one of my creations.  you can click on the pictures for better details.
First is one of the 4 Goofy Jacks that is featured in the current fall issue of PRIMS.  I am only selling one of the four.  My boys have decided they each would like one, and I am keeping one....
BUT... here is one of my favorites from the feature, Just a Goofy Jack...

 Pinched mouth in a circle for the look of surprise...eye's have seen better days....He is about 9" tall not including the stem, 14" with the stem and about31" around.  He is a OOAK OLM Original design.  Made the journey to CA and back.  He is will come with a copy of PRIMS if you like, Kindly asking for this guy $75 and travel fare....

Next, just plain simple prim pumpkins, They are a set of 3 in blue, about 10" long, white about 9" long and orange about 7 " long.  Prefect for tucking on a shelf for the whole pumpkin season, kindly asking $15.50 a set.
I have 3 set available, they are a OLM Original design--2 sets sold! thank you! One left
 OH MISFIT JACK!  Made from osnburg, partially ragged stuffed... This is a series that I create a couple of each year... In the Land of MISFIT pumpkins...LOL....goofy, off beat, and no pattern, I just sew and see what I come up with...This is a big boy!!!  he is about 19x13 not including his stick for his stem.  He is a OLM OOAK Original design, kindly asking $30.50 and travel fare....
 Gourd pumpkins, plain, prim and simple, they are about 10x10, nice size!  tuck them in a bowl with some smaller pumpkins, I have 1 orange, and 2 white, OLM Original design....  Kindly asking $11.50 ea and travel fare...ONE WHITE LEFT... ORANGE AND A WHITE ONE SOLD, THANK YOU KINDLY!
 4 JACKS!!!  Great new size here!  Love them, I have 2 white, 1 blue and 1 light yellow...
 Close up of their faces.  They are all OLM OOAK Original designs.  they are about 6 " wide... about 4" tall w/out a stem or stick.. (sorry starting to run out of real stems..sigh)... These guys would look great anywhere and after Halloween, turn them around and keep out til Thanksgiving... Kindly asking $13.50 ea and travel fare....THE yellow pumpkin and blue pumpkin ar SOLD, Thank You kindly!!!  WHITE JACK WITH WOOL NOSE IS SOLD--- LEFT IS HALF MOON JACK ON THE RIGHT! THANK YOU!!!
 All smiles jack!!!  he is my last pumpkin at the bigger size... he is about 8" tall w/out the stem, about 12" with the stem and about 27" around. a OLM OOAK Original design, kindly asking $28.50 and travel fare...
 Sarah the Good Witch!  Love her and that wicked long nose!  and good 5" long!  She was created from a great Netty Lacriox pattern, I painted her green.  Homespun dress, and broom tucked in her sash... She is great to hang on a door a peg rack!  She is big!  Over 33" long from her hat to her toes!  hint of Flax for her hair... Kindly asking $34.50 and travel fare...HAPPY IS SO HAPPY!  HE IS OFF TO HIS NEW HOME! THANK YOU!

 Hilda a OLM OOAK Original design..  I had her on FB for $36.50 I think, but here today $29.50.  She needs a good home! LOL!... She is green as well... all good witches should be right?  about 27 " long from her hat to her toes.. she has potion bottles and her broom stuck in her belt, she is ready for the haunting season~!! HILDA IS SOLD! Thank you kindly!!!

Please email me with any questions or adopt one of my creations! thanks so much for taking a moment to peek! Have a great day! OLM...