Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first offerings...FREE SHIPPING!!!

Finally!!! I have of course been running behind....BUT, finally I finished up a few hand made creations for your consideration... I am offering free shipping with my first offerings..... He loves me... This is a set. The boy is about about 24" long and his sweetheart is about 14" long. Grungy homespun for their outfits. They are made from old feed sack material that has been grungied up and sanded with some small worn holes here and there... The gal has a promise ring around her neck that is a vintage gumball or cracker jack prize... Asking $54 for the set... They are a OLM OOAK set.

It has been sometime since I have made dammit dolls... I use to make them all the time. They are about 13" long, very prim with DAMMIT stitched on their bellies.... They have a tag attached that says" When things aren't going as planned and you just want to scream and shout. Here's a little doll you just can't live without. Grab it firmly by the legs, find a place to slam it, and you beat the livin stuffin out of it yell DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!" this is my twist from a rags n tags pattern... Asking $15 each... I have 6 available.... 5 left

I made 2 of these cupid dolls from a smiling goat pattern... Sweet and prim... created from muslin. Though I don't think they scream Valentine's and could easily stay out all year. There is a piece of string attached in the back of their head to hang from peg rack if one chooses... Wings from a old cutter quilt as is the little heart. They are about 14" long, asking $19 ea...
Both sold, thank you kindly!

Simple sweet prim doll... She is about 14" long.... yellow homespun dress. Striped fabric for her legs... Just a simple little gal... a OLM OOAK... asking $18..

Lastly, Ms. Deerfield, she was created from a Netty Lacroix pattern. She is currently listed on my page under Olde lady Morgan... I am offering free shipping for her as well... asking $54... there are additional pictures on lemon poppy seeds... if you are interested in her, just email me. I will send a new PP invoice without the shipping and mark her sold...

Thanks so much for stopping by, again, FREE SHIPPING for any of my hand-dids. Please contact me with any other questions or to give one of these guys a home. OLM


  1. All of your dolls are cute as can be, Marie!! You have been busy! You always do such great work... I love them all, especially the little cupids....

  2. Love your dolls. Someday I WILL own one!! Katie

  3. Loving your dollies! Take care Marie. Janice