Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Couple of New OLM Originals....

Oh My this new blogger... It's taking some getting use too... So much for making it easier... It's a pain to upload pictures and it put them in a mixed up order and I am afraid to move things around....
I have a couple of new OLM original designs looking for good homes if anyone is interested...Please email me at if you are willing to give any of these guys a home.
I am very humbled and honored to have 5 of my dolls published in the upcoming PRIMS Magazine.  It will be out on the newsstands May 1st... I don't have those dolls back from their trip to CA yet, but when they come home, several of them will be looking for good homes as well.

So first up is a OLM original design "The Hot dog Man"... For everyone who follows my other blog,  I have from time to time talked about our Lab Knuckles and his love for the "hot dog" man! Who is our neighbor that always has a hot dog in is pocket for Knuckles...
So Hot dog man is made from grungy osnburg, given good sanding and has a couple of worn holes in his face... He is stuffed with a little bit of fiberfill, but mostly rags, he is about 22" long... Boots are painted black... Vintage buttons for eyes....  Hot dog man is a painter by trade... so he is wearing his "painter" prim whites that are made from muslin and has some blue painted splattered on them.  Knuckles was created from osnburg, painted black, wool scraps for his ears.  Little french knot for his eyes... Dog collar from scrap homespun and a little vintage bubblegum prize for his dog tag... There are 2 hot dogs made from grungy muslin... painted light brown and of course sanded.. One is sticking out of the hot dog man's pocket and one is his arms...
Just a hit of a mouth from floss... little sheep's wool for his hair... Hot dog man is a OLM OOAK original design... Kindly asking $46.50 and travel fare.....

My poor barn cats!  They have seen better days... They have been fighting with each other... I have 2 available.  They are OLM original design created from osnburg... Mostly ragged stuff with just a bit of fiberfill..  Floss for their noses and sculpted mouths, they are about 12"long.. They are each missing a eye and a ear... It was a rough fight! 

here is a close up of their faces... These poor guys are in need of loving home! LOL!  Kindly asking $20 ea and travel fare.... ONE IS SOLD TO ROBIN... I HAVE ONE LEFT,

Oh Alma.... I love her... pictures really don't do her justice I think!  I created her from a most wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern.  I so love Wendy's patterns!!!

Alma is created from grungy osnburg, painted black and is about 22" long.. Sanded really well... for a worn prim look we all love... Some of my grungy mixture came off after I painted her black to give some prims spots on her face.  Floss was used for her eyes and mouth, and a pinched nose.  Raw Flax for hair...She really is a prim gal!  She is mostly ragged stuff.... just a wee bit of fiberfill...  Her slip is made from grungy homespun and her dress is civil war reproduction fabric, both have been sanded.  There is several worn holes in her dress...

Her sweet little pin keep and holder are hanging from her neck.  The pin keep is made from matching fabric to her dress.. the inside of the pin keep is osnburg... On the front of her pin keep I had stitched Alma 1868 and inside is a couple of pins and a little pocket with a made do fabric ruler I made.  All have been put through my grungy process too.  Kindly asking $49.50 and travel fare.

Oh My Sweet Anneliese... She has a bit of a story.  She is a OLM OOAK original design.... I had a idea for a garden angel... Now I had her pretty much done yesterday... I was trying to come up with a name.... Anyway... I go off to get my hair cut & colored by my GF...we get talking... I am telling her about my latest creation and needing a name... She says "use my mom's name".. she lost her mom about 6 months after my mom pasted... So I start telling her, well, she's missing a eye... Annette is like... oh my, my mom was blind in one eye... she is like which eye???  I said, the left... oh my, yup mom was blind in the left eye....So I go to say she will have a little bag of seeds for her garden... OH OMG, my mom could grow anything!  Even bring something back to life that was dieing.!!!  So it's meant to be!  Here is Anneliese.... I tell her I am off to put on her wings, as she will be a angel... NO way, says Annette... My mom was HUGE Angel collector!  I offered her this doll. but she is not prim, and well.. as you know if you are NOT prim... you might find my creations...well...maybe "creepy" I have heard! LOL....

 Anneliese is about 22" long, created from osnburg, painted black and ragged stuff with just a hint of fiberfill here and there.  yes she has one eye missing  and there is scrap feed sack behind her other button eye.  Scrap feed sack for her mouth with black french knots.  Grungy calico dress and a little seed bag made from the same fabric has her belt.  I added some buckwheat hulls for her "seeds" and a label attached to the front that says "faith".  Her wings are made from civil war reproduction fabric and I attached the wings with grungy string.
Here is a close up of her very prim face... She is more a extreme prim doll for me, but do so love her! Don't you?  Just a hint of Flax for hair... Kindly asking $47.50 and travel fare....

I don't know how blogger messed up my order of pictures, but here is a close up of Alma's very sweet prim face and pin keep.

Thanks so much for taking time from you busy schedule to peek at my latest creations.  Please contact me with any questions or to possibly give one of them a home!  OLM


  1. You get me every time Girlfriend.....Positively love those stinkin' cats and Alma is a doll (no - I mean a real DOLL!) ;o And love the story behind Anneliese....I've always loved that name!! I'm sure these will be quick sell-outs! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Oh Friend
    Your dolls are just prim wonderful.
    How funny the names for your dolls just always seem to perfectly fall into place.
    I know why too. You truly have a gift and love what you do!
    Love Anneliese.
    Hugs& Joy