Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

 Finally a update!!!  I have been a busy gal... My creativity has been on overload, I so hope you like my latest creations!  All but one doll are OLM OOAK original designs.  I am hoping with this "new blogger" you can still click on the pictures to make them bigger to see details... as always please email me with any questions or give one of my creations a home.

First up, This one is for you Trace!  Inspired with one of the lil gals of mine she gave a home and talking of names... Millie came up.... That was my mother in law's name.... She has been gone for many years now....BUT she was known for her cut out cookies at the Holidays...YUMMO!!! So here is Millie, and a simple doll.  She is made from this great primitive grungy muslin I had gotten on my trip with hubby in February.  I grunged her up again, gave her a good sanding.  Stuffed with a mixture of rags and fiberfil.... Reproduction fabrics for her outfit, also grunged and sanded... Little wool for her hair... Now for something different for her arms & legs... I stitched them up with ride side fabric, no turning right side out... the sanded the edges for a tattered look....
 Sweet little tote made from matching fabric from her dress.  Tucked inside is a little child's rolling pin, vintage child's toy baking sheet and a Vintage Angel cookie cutter... She is ready to bake yummy treats for her family.  Millie is a OLM OOAK Original Design...  Millie is about 16" long.  Kindly asking $34.50 and travel fare.... MILLIE IS SOLD TO MS. CRANKY CROW!  THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! OLM
 Ms. Fancy Blankett... She is a wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern!  I so love all of Wendy's patterns... Fancy is a Witch for all season's.  I created her from my grungy muslin, sanded several time.  Simple little eyes that I painted on, lil scrap of wool for her mouth and hat... Simple homespun and a heavy muslin like fabric for her skirt... Lil boots from muslin, painted black and sanded as well.... her wonderful lil purse is made from scrap Family Heirloom Fabric... Her initials stitched on with wool scraps...Rag and fiber fill stuffed...
2 Spring flowers that she has picked tucked in her purse with a prim lantern candle.  Flowers can be changed out for the seasons.. Just a hint of flax for hair.  I love how she turned out and thought of keeping her myself.....Fancy is about 28" long from the top of her hat to the bottom of her boots.. Kindly asking $49.50 and travel fare....Fancey is on her way home to Judy, with thanks!!!
 I have several old longaberger booking baskets... 2 that have liners and protectors asking $15 ea for those... 4 with no extras asking, $11 ea and travel fare...

Then below..UGH this new blogger.... vintage campfire marshmallow tin... asking $15 & travel fare... it's sitting on a Longaberger wrought iron candle stand.. great to use to display small crocks too.. asking $22 & travel fare.....
 Poor mis-matched Florence.... She came to me yesterday to use up some of my scraps of good fabric.... So poor Florence... Her mom is a bit color blinded and clueless how to sew.... Nothing matches on her dress... Front and back are different fabrics and 2 skirt pieces... Mom believes nothing should go to waste and poor Florence has to wear it....
Florence is made from painted muslin, grudged, and sanded several times... just a touch of sheep's wool for her hair.. vintage buttons for her eyes and one is hanging just a bit loose... Florence is most ragged stuffed and she has one olde baby pink shoe... Florence is tall and skinny gal... she is a OLM OOAK original design, she is about 25" long.  Kindly asking $39.50 and travel fare
 The little gals.... on either end is tiny lil dolls... something new for me... both OLM OOAK original designs... little flax for hair, scraps for their outfits.  Simple stitched faces. Only about 5 1/2 " tall...Kindly asking $8.50 ea & travel fare... Becky on the left in the yellow dress that looks like a a stitchery.  She is made from grungy muslin... she has been sanded and even has a small hole in her face... lil duff of wool for her hair and vintage gumball prize and a charm hanging her belt.... Bertha.. in the floral dress... her arms and legs crudely hand stitched from scrap fabric.  She has a vintage gumball prize as a charm too... Kindly asking $21.50 ea and travel fare...
 Oh my... Pin KEEP Penny!  She is a big gal!!!  Now I created her from... do you remember those fabric towels that would be in restrooms.. that would go through the ringers???  I have a bunch of this... washed it up... it's a bumpy fabric...  Adds a fun texture to Penny!  So of course I painted her black, grunged her up and sanded her... Stitched eyes with scrap feed sack... Long locks of raw flax for her hair... Rag and fiber fill stuffed.  old child's apron that I grunge up as well... Lil tomato pin keep pinned to her dress... She is hold a large pin keep made from a vintage kitchen strainer... With many fun vintage sewing notions.  I used scrap fabric to tie the strainer to her arm so it can be removed if one chooses.  Green floral dress that was grunged and sanded too... Kindly asking $46.50 and travel fare.. Penny is a OLM Original design
 then lastly this great all hand-stitched quilt that I recently acquired.  It has a little bit of wear and tear and some stains for it's age...what caught my eye was all the hand-stitching.. It's a big quilt... somewhere between twin and full size.... I have few more pictures if you like... I have having difficulty uploading allt the pictures.... kindly asking $54 and travel fare....PENNY IS SOO EXCITED!  SHE IS GOING HOME TO TRACE!!!! yippee!!!
Thanks so  much for taking a moment to peek... Please email me with any questions or to purchase.  I accept PP and MO...and checks wait to clear... Have a great night!  OLM


  1. You newest and latest are positively wonderful Marie - but your timing STINKS!! Taxes and toilets...toilets and taxes.....or one of OLM's wonderful dollies??? Arghhh... See what a bad person you're making of me?!!! LOVE them!!! But I do...oh I do...have a favorite! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. OLM ...have I told you lately that you rock???lol They are all beautiful I could never choose a fave ! You werent kidding when you said you had been busy ...glad to see it knock it off you are making me feel like a slacker extrodinaire! lol Have a great week !hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. Great job Marie!!
    Oh I love Millie and need her. I have bad knee and need a present.
    I so love them all. You sure have been a busy gal.Great job!