Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Summer everyone!  I am adding just a little update here... If you see anything you would love to give a home to, please email me at  My back is out and giving me much grief.  This post has taken two days to finish... So if you don't here from me right away, please know I will get back to you. thanks so much. OLM

First is Ms. Liberty.  She is a OLM Original design.  Big round head floppy head. Sweet stitched face and a simple wool felt crown.  Stitch banner that says Liberty across her chest.  Great grungy calico for her outfit!  I love how she has turned out.. Seriously thought of keeping her.... Her arms and legs are from vintage blue ticking from a old feather bed...  She is about 27 " long from the tip of her crown to her legs...

Kindly asking $39.50 and travel fare.....SHE IS SOLD, THANK YOU!
Simple Uncle Sam's.  I started these guys about 3 years ago.... I sewed them up and painted on their pants.... Then I tucked them away and never finished them....I don't remember the designer and with the   back out  I have not been able to dig to find the pattern I started with... sorry about that....
So they got a good grungy bath... added a bit of wool for beards... french knots for eyes.... and little piece of fabric for the brim of their hats...
Simple jackets with a bell for a button... they are about 11- 12 " tall depending on the sticks used... Kindly asking 10.75 each and travel fare.  I have 4.  I have 3 left, 1 SOLD, Thank you Teresa!
 I have one left, thank you Robin! and Kathy!!!  The one on the farest left, is left
Love these Uncle Sam heads on vintage textile bobbins... There are 3, 2 black and one white.  They are a OLM Original design... Simple and sweet to tuck in anywhere for the Summer decorating season!!!!
Kindly asking $10.75 each and travel fare. 
I have one left, Mr. Black Uncle Sam on the blue bobbin.  Thank you Robin!!!
Any questions, or to adopt, please email me.  Have a great weekend! OLM

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  1. Do you have any of the Uncle Sams on a stick left? I would like one if you do.
    Thank You
    Happy 4th.