Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Friday, October 19, 2012


I am starting all things Holiday this week!  In cleaning up, I realize there where more fall creations left then I thought.... SO, I have marked a few things down, but I am offering FREE SHIPPING on anything listed in this post.
I am going to keep the descriptions very simple... any questions on size, most have been listed in previous posts or just shot me a email at  I accept PP and MO. thanks for peeking!

First up is one of the GOOFY JACK that is published in the current issue of PRIMS Magazine.  He is a OLM OOAK Original design.  He will come with a current issue of PRIMS too!

 He is one of my bigger JACKS... Kindly asking $75....for the published Jack....

I have one somewhere in between Jacks left.....
 kindly asking $13.50.... a OLM OOAK Original design --- Some where Jack is SOLD, thank you kindly!

Fancy Jack... made from osnburg orange body, black arms and legs... was $24.50 now $19.50
 Simple Jack is a OLM OOAK Original design....
 Simple plain pumpkins, I had 3 sets, one left kindly asking $13.50... a OLM Original design
Simple Pumpkins are SOLD! Thank You KINDLY!!!
 Sweet little pillow I created from a wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern.  Kindly asking $13.50
 Ms. Wicket and her cat!  Love her... I finished her up, but never got her up to sell...  I was side tracked..but she would love a home for the season yet!  She is about 22" long her cat is not attached to her.  I have a loop on the back if you wish to hand her... She is created from a wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern.

 Kindly ask $34.50 .....

Painted Jack, a OLM OOAK Original design... was $22.50... now $20.50
 I never showed Blue- Lu pumpkin gal... yup..sidetracked... I had 2 of the orange pumpkin gals, one of the orange gals is in her forever home.... so one left....

 The girls are about 22" long not including their stems... Kindly asking $30.50 -- OLM OOAK'S
Blue-LU is SOLD, thank you kindly!!!
Tall JACKS... last 2 for the season... $16.50 ea....
 Sarah the good witch, another wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern!  She is a long gal!  about 33" long from hat to toes... long wicked nose... painted green, hint of flax for hair....

 she was $34.50... now $30.50

Lastly, my last very big misfit pumpkin... he is about 13x19 not including his stick... mostly rag stuffed... was $ $28.50
Free shipping on all the last of the OLM creations for the year.  Any questions or to adopt, please email me at!  Have a great day! OLM