Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ornament update...

Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving!  I don't know where September and October has gone!  Everything is going by so fast....sigh....
 I have several more creations in the works and was going to wait for one big update...But I am so loving how all these primitive ornaments have turned out, I didn't want to wait....

Please email with any questions or for adoption at . And you can click on the pictures to make them bigger to see details better.

First,  I so love this snowman in a primitive stocking.  I created 5 of them from a wonderful Angel and the crow pattern.  The snowman is made from grungy onsburg,  and of course sanded a couple of times. 
 Sweet orange wool nose and black floss stitched for his facial details... Little rusty bell on his belly and the tip of his stocking. And a twig star on a stick tucked in.
 I have 3 in this red ticking and 2 in a red/black homespun fabric.  Each is about 11" long. They would look great on one's tree or from  peg rack.. Kindly asking $11.50 ea and travel fare...
All of the snowmen are spoke for, THANK YOU!!!

I so love snowmen.  I keep many out through February.  These sweet guys are a OLM original designs.  Made from grungy muslin, painted white, orange wool for their noses and black floss for their facial details.  Different grungy homespun for their outfits and wool for their scarf's.   Stick for their arms, each is about 8"

These 3 snowmen are going home for the Holidays! THANK YOU!!!
 Each is a wee bit different, no two alike.   I have 5 available at this time. Kindly asking $8.50 and travel fare.  These snow guys are all sold THANK YOU!!!!

Oh these wonderful VERY primitive Angels.  I have had this pattern from Walnut Ridge Primitives for several years and finally said, I NEED TO MAKE THESE LADIES! 
They have been created from a yellow/gold ticking fabric, some painted white/flesh color and some black.  They will look great at the top of a primitive tree , tucked on a shelf or in a basket with some greens.
 I have taken individual pictures of each one.  Hint of flax for their hair.  Rusty bells at each end.  Pinched mouths and noses.  This Angel is sold, THANK YOU!
 each of these gals are about 11" long and anywhere from 5- 6" tall.... This Angel is SOLD! THANK YOU!!!
This Angel is going home for Christmas!!! THANK YOU!
 these two gals above are about 7x 7...
 I have two of this style, otherwise I have created one of each...These gals are both sold, THANK YOU!
Kindly asking $14.50 each and travel fare.   This Angel is sold too. Thanks so much for taking a moment to peek at my latest creations, again please feel free to contact me with any questions or to give one a home.
Wishing everyone a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

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