Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Monday, December 17, 2012

Is It to Late For A Wee Bit More Christmas?

YIKES!  Christmas Eve a week from tonight... I feel like I am just getting into the grove of creating Christmas and I really need to stop... sigh... yet I can't seem to just yet...
I debated to just leave these goodies until next year, but I am still filling some requests... So what the heck... Here they are.. Please email with any questions or to adopt one.

 First up, the last of my plump snowman ornaments.  These guys are my own original design. 
The first two from the left are created from grungy osnburg, and the one on the right from grungy diaper flannel.
 I have 2 in the grungy osnburg, one blue boy, and 2 in the diaper flannel.  They are about 9" tall from hat to toes and about 4" at their plumpest belly.  Kindly asking $9.50 ea and travel fare.
Blue snowman is sold , THANK YOU!
From my last update, I have one prim Angel ornament left.  She is created from a Walnut Ridge Primitives.  She is created from grungy ticking fabric, rusty bells at the tip of her wings and a wee bit a sheep wool for her hair.  Kindly asking $14.50 and travel fare...ANGEL IS SOLD, THANK YOU!
 I wanted to do these all season.  It took me this long to FINALLY finish them up.  This nativity set is created from a TFC folkart pattern. They are very sweet and simple.  Mary and Joesph are 5" tall created from grungy osnburg.  Their outfits from wool.. Baby Jesus lays on a bed of flax in a vintage tart pan.

 In this set, Mary's outfit is more a light blue wool... Kindly asking $23.50 and travel fare.  They are sold, thank you so much!

Set 2.. The only different here is Mary's outfit is a grey wool.

 Joesph beard from sheep wool.  $23.50 and travel fare.... ( you can click on the picture to make them bigger to see detail)  They are sold and going home for Christmas, thank you!

Lastly, 3 Primitive Frostys.  They are a OLM Original design.  Created from grungy diaper flannel, very soft.
 Wool for their noses grungy homespun for their outfits, wool scarf's and stick for their arms.
Each is about 17-18" tall from hat to toes.  From the left is a red homespun outfit, middle blue, and right a black & red homespun.  They would look great tucked in a bowl or hanging from a cabinet door or peg rack.  Kindly asking $16.50 and travel fare. 
Wishing everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you everyone for your support of my handmade creations through out this past year! OLM


  1. Awesome prims Marie, you go girl!!! Love your talent! hugs, Lecia

  2. Love love love.
    Especially the Holy Prim Family.
    Woolie Hugs

  3. LOVE these! I'm eyeing the nativity set...Hmmmmm