Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone!! Thank you for your support of my creations throughout the year!  I am so grateful!!! Hugs from OLM!!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Small Christmas Update!

OLM is so sorry she has been neglectful in updating this selling blog!  
I have opened a small primitive shop back in November.  It really wasn't on my radar doing this, yet it's been exciting and fun!  It's just left very little time creating right now I working out balancing it all!
BUT!  For your consideration, a small winter update!!!!
First is a OLM Original design.  Sweet snowman in a old cutter quilt stocking.  Each is a wee bit different depending on the area of the quilt. Each is holding a lilttle grungy candy cane.
They are about 12-14" long from the top of their wool hats to the tip of the stocking.
I have 2 available, Kindly asking $11.50 ea and travel fare.
This sweet little snowman is a OLM original design too!  he is about 6" tall and 6" wide at his widest points.  Created from my grungy muslin, sanded and hand stitched details!  He too holds a lil grungy Candy cane too. Wool scarf wrapped around his neck to keep him warm.
I have 2 available, Kindly asking $7.50 ea and travel fare.
Wonderful prim Reindeer from a Kentucky Primitives pattern!  Always love making these guys.  Created from grungy muslin, painted brown and given a good sanding.  Lil black paint for the tip of his nose, wool for his tail.  Seed bead for his eye.  Sticks for his legs and antlers. Prim picture attached with string.  He is about 10" wide and about 7" long including his stick feet.
I have 2 available. Kindly asking $15.50ea  and travel fare.
One Reindeer is flying home!  One Left. 
I have only one of these guys.  I had made several last year from a wonderful Angel and the Crow pattern.  Snowman created from grungy osnaburg, tucked in a grungy homespun stocking. Wool nose and a rusty bell on his belly and on the tip of the stocking.  He is holding a twig star.
Kindly asking $11.50 and travel fare
This Snowman is SOLD! Thank YOU!!!
He is my misfit to the other two snowman earlier!  He is a OLM original design.  Difference here is I sponged some white paint on him... Wasn't sure I liked it... so he is a OOAK.
Kindly asking $7.50 and travel fare.
Prim Ginger Snowman!  Created from a Kentucky Primitives pattern.  He is created from grungy osnaburg, painted white and of course sanded.  Wool hat and scarf.  Rusty bell on his belly and a stick for his nose. He is long!  about 14"  great to hang on a door or peg rack.
I have one, asking $16.50 and travel fare
Prim and simple gingerbread men!  A OLM Original design.  Very prim and simple!  Created from grungy osnaburg.  No stuffing, just some warm and natural between his layers.  Really given a good grungy bath and sanded... Simply added eyes a wee small mouth.  Each is about 7" long.
Kindly asking $6.50 ea and travel fare.
Oh make a do SANTA!  A OLM Original design.  This is Santa #1.  Created from grungy osnaburg, red grungy homespun for his hat.  He has a old textile bobbin attached.  He can tuck into a crock and such.   I have a hanger on him to hang too! He is about 14" long from top of his hat to the bottom of his bobbin.  He has a rusty bell on the tip of his hat and around his bobbin.
Kindly asking $18.50 and travel fare.
Santa #1 is SOLD! Thank you!!!
Santa, #2, Biggest difference is the bobbin.  Kindly asking $18.50 travel fare.
Santa #2 is going home too!  Thank you kindly!!! 
Thanks for taking a moment to peek at my latest creations!  OLM wishes everyone the Merriest of Christmas and wonderful New Year!!!
Please email me for any addition info or to adopt. @  I accept PP & MO

Monday, December 9, 2013

Just popping in super to quick to say I am SO SORRY to have been so neglectful on my selling blog!  I promise a small update this weekend!  Please forgive OLM!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Fall Update.. FREE SHIPPING Through The Weekend!!!

This is first me... This is my last update for fall for 2013..  Usually I keep creating into October... BUT, I really feel I need to move on.... So I have finished up a few witches for the haunting season and re-listing a few creations still looking for homes.  
I know sometimes it gets confusing what is sold, what's not...  
I am offering FREE SHIPPING On any of my creations now through Monday as a THANK YOU for supporting my creations and giving them loving homes!
I am going to keep my description very brief, please email me at for any additional info.

First up, Fannie Weed!!! 
Oh how I have wanted to create her for several years.  She is a wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern.
I really don't consider her Halloween... I really think she would love to stay out all year.  I created two gals... so similar, yet so different

 Fannie #1 has a yellow homespun dress, feed sack apron with army green wool pocket  Sweet Annie tucked in her apron... and just a little bit of bittersweet in her little bottle necklace..

 Fannie #2 dress is a calico print.. Army wool apron and feed sack pocket...  She has just a hint of tansy in her pocket with the Sweet Annie...
Each is about 30" long from their hats to their toes...
Kindly asking $45.00 ea... free shipping Until oct. 1st...

Dipper Gourds!  Set of 3... Love how this set turned out.  Created from a Missouri Dry Goods Pattern...
Painted golden brown color with a hint of orange... Longest gourd is about 16"  and the others about 13"...
 Kindly asking $30.00...

Hilda and Matilda...they are witchie sisters!  They are OLM OOAK Original designs!
Hilda, on the right in the orange skirt is SOLD! Thank you kindly!!! Matilda is SOLD and going home too! Thank you!!!!
 Close up of their sweet, witchie faces... green noses... Flax for their hair...
Each is about 24" long hat to toes...
Kindly asking $33.00 each

Sweet Lil Joey... My white pumpkin gal.  She is a OLM OOAK Original design....

 Sweet simple lil pumpkin gal...
kindly asking $30....Joey is off to Canada, Thank you Kindly!!!

WOOLIE JACK!  He too is a OLM OOAK Original design... wool britches... wool mouth and nose... created from osnaburg...

 Kindly asking $26.00....

Black Jack... only one of my goofy Jacks.. I do also have Warts and Happy Jack available... They are in the previous listings...
 kindly asking...$24.50....
 Grins... painted Jack.. OLM OOAK ...
kindly asking....$22.50...Grins is happy!  He is SOLD, Thank you Kindly!

I have 2 Pumpkin make-a do's left.. created from osnaburg... Wool stems... on vintage bobbins. OLM OOAK'S
 Kindly asking $13.50 ea....Orange Make-A-Do is SOLD, Thank You Kindly!!!

Then... I have 4 blue homespun pumpkins with wool stems... My own design as well...
 Pumpkin peeking from the back is NOT for sale... just one of my decorations...
Kindly asking $7.00 ea... 4 available...
 I have one set left of the curly stem pumpkins.  This is for the set of 3... Created from a Tickle Primitive Pattern.  Created from grungy homespun's... prefect for the whole season...
Kindly asking $44.00 for the set....

These next three pictures are the listing from my update... I am offering free shipping on them too... you can click on the link in the upper left corner to go to that update for details on these adorable guys!

 I am just tossing this in... If anyone is looking for some furniture.. I am selling my Gliders... I finally talked my hubby into letting me get a Settle... So excited... These are in great shape.. They have been recovered in Johnston Benchworks fabric about 3 years ago... I am in the Chicagoland area, if anyone is interested... Email me for details..

Thanks for taking a moment to peek... Next time we met... YIKES... Snowmen and Santa's.... It's all coming so fast... Enjoy this great fall weather! OLM

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10th Update

I am back from vacation.... We had a wonderful week up at the lake!!!  Though no rest for the wicked! LOL!
I did take some pumpkins for creating while I was gone... Here are a few that I have finished up. 
It hard to say it's pumpkin season in the heat we are having!  BUT!!!  It's going to cool off soon and these guys are looking for a good homes....

All these Jacks have been created from my grungy muslin, painted, sanded, grungy up again, and sanded once more.  They are stuffed with a mixture of rags and fiber fill. All their facial details have been hand stitched on.  The only glue used is for their real dried stems to be attached.

Each Jack is about 25" around, about 7-8 tall each without the stems... With their stems.. about 10' 13 " tall each depending on the stems...All come signed and dated.
Blue Boy...  $24.50 and travel fare.. A OLM OOAK Original design  BLUE  IS SOLD! Thank you KINDLY!
Orange Knots... $24.50 and travel fare... OLM OOAK Original design KNOTS IS GOING HOME! THANK YOU KINDLY!
Black Grins... $24.50 and travel fare.. a OLM OOAK Original design....
OOPS...just saw this, LOL!  I forgot to put a nose on him! LOL!  He's going to need a little wollie delight!
I am showing these boys again... Personal fave's I have to admit... I listed them several weeks ago... but they are still looking for their forever homes....
You can go here for the listing and their details
Warts... $40.50 and travel fare... A OLM OOAK Original design
Happy Jack!  He is BIG!  My biggest Jack that I created.  Kindly asking $40.50 and travel fare..
Please email me with any questions or to adopt at  I accept PP & Mo. thanks for peeking! OLM

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Sunday UPDATE!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the last dog days of summer.  I can't believe how fast it's gone by... NOW, we are finally warming up... but all I am dreaming about is pumpkins.....

Today I few pumpkins are looking for homes for the season..  They are not to happy with the warm days we are having.... but they are all smiles!

Up first is two of my painted jacks with their goofy grins!
They are created from my grungy muslin, painted orange, given a good sanding, grungy up again, then I painted on their faces, and lastly sanded them again.
Each is about 6 1/2 to 7" tall, without their steams about about  11-12" tall with their stems...
This Painted Jack is SOLD, thank you kindly! OLM
I have two here, each is just a wee bit different... they are OLM OOAK Original designs,  kindly asking $22.50 ea and travel fare....

Next I have up 2 sets of primitive homespun punkins I created from a Tickled Primitive pattern.  Three punkins to each set. Each in a different fall homespun/calico pattern.  All have been put through my grungy process and sanded as well.. They are stuffed with a mixture of fiber fill and rags.. Grungy muslin for their curly stems.  These guys are perfect for the whole season.
The orange calico is is the smallest size at about 21' around and about 8" tall.
This set has a dark brown calico for the large punkin.  This punkin is about 27" around, about 12" tall with the stem.  The green and burgundy homespun flannel is the medium size, and  this one is about 23" around and about 10" tall the stem.  This is set #1, kindly asking $44.50 for the set and travel fare

This is set #2..
close up of the fabrics on set two... Kindly asking $44.50 and travel fare....
Next a goofy OLM OOAK Original design... Help I have fallen Jack!  I have been playing around with different sizes and shapes... I was never completely happy with how I design this shape up... He won't stand up on his own... He stayed laid in the pumpkin field to long..  LOL

He is a silly boy, created in my grungy blue.. old buttons for eyes... and stitched mouths and nose...   He is about 19" around... 10" tall without his stem...12" with his stem.
Kindly asking $15.50 and travel fare...

Lil orange was stuck out in the same field... he's just a wee bit smaller at 8" tall without his stem...11" with his stem.  Wool for his nose... old buttons for eyes and stitched mouth...

He is a OLM OOAK Original design as well.. Kindly asking $13.50 at travel fare....

Oh my goofy baby boos!!!  Each is just a wee bit different. Just a little off beat...   Each is about 12" around and about 6' 7" tall with their stems...

Orange baby boo with the wool eyes... on the left is SOLD! Thank you Kindly!!
Green Jack on the left with wool nose is SOLD and the white boo on the right, THANK YOU KINDLY!
The 2 in the middle are available ....
Each is a OLM OOAK Original design... I am offering 9 here today...
4 green Jacks..
3 orange Jacks..
1 White Jack
 1 yellow Jack...
Kindly asking $7.50 each and travel fare...

Lastly, I have 3 of my plump boys here... each are about 16 " around  around 6- 7 " tall with their stems...
Green Plump boy is SOLD, THANK YOU KINDLY!

Yellow Jack is more tall then round as the other two... I have one in each orange, green and yellow.  Kindly asking $11.50 each and travel fare.
I wanted to mention as well, there are several of my Goofy Jacks in the previous post that are still available along with Providence Olde Acre, a personal fave of mine.
I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weekend.
Please email me with any questions or to adopt at .
I accept PP and MO.  thanks for taking a moment to peek! OLM