Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just A Few Creations For Sale

I LOVE this doll!  She is a big gal!  So very prim!  
Met Providence Olde Acre!  I created she from a wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern.  Created from my grungy muslin, several layer of my grungy process with some brown paint tossed in to really darken her up!

 Little pillow with the hand-stitched saying hanging from her neck.  I don't think I could put her away after the season... maybe just the sweet little pillow... hmmm...maybe not...
 She has some flax for her hair.. black painted boots.  He dress is created from some great fall homespun I had and the skirt part is a wonderful green with little pumpkins and moons on it!
 Vintage buttons for her eyes and floss stitched mouth.
She is a BIG gal!  36" long and about 14" wide at her shoulders.  She will sit nicely in any child's chair.
Kindly asking $69.50 and travel fare.

NOW For a few PUMPKINS!!!

I have been playing around with different patterns and different sizes... This pumpkin is going to be last one in this big boy size!  He is more of a squatted around pumpkin. He is a OLM OOAK Original design.

He is about 37" around, 8" tall without his stem and about 12" tall with the stem.  Wool at his top for a little extra detail... Old buttons for his eyes and green floss for his mouth and nose.
 He is stuffed with a mixture of rags and fiber fill.. painted, sanded, grungy up and sanded again..  as is all of my pumpkins. I think it's the back ground, he is a bit darker then he shows here..
 He is a festive boy I think, don't you?

Kindly asking $35.50 and travel fare...

Blue gal... is it her mood, we will never know... She is a funky gal for sure!  Just a wee bit smaller then the one above... she is about 35" around.. 8" tall without the stem.. with her stem about 10"

 Lots of different wool on her for her funky prim character!  She is a OLM OOAK Original design.
Kindly asking $33.50 and travel fare..

He is one of my faves so far!  Love his big mouth for the season!  Simple and sweet!  He is a nice around pumpkin.  He is about 25" around, 8" tall without his stem, that has a nice curl in it... 11" with the stem
 He is a OLM OOAK Original design, kindly asking $22.50 and travel fare...
He is SOLD!  Thank you kindly!!
My lil Tall boy.  he has a fun wool nose!  Wool eyes and stitched mouth.  He is about 18" around... 7" tall without the steam and 12" with the long stem on this boy!
 Kindly asking $16.50 and travel fare... a OLM OOAK Original design...
He is SOLD!  Thank you KINDLY!!!
Spooky blue boy!  Love these big old buttons for his eyes!  He is about 18" around, 5" tall without his stem and 7" tall with his stem...
 Kindly asking $13.50 and travel fare.  OLM OOAK Original design...

My plump boys... in green... 4 here all different.. all about 16" around, around 4" tall without their stems and about 7" tall each with their stems... Each has their own personality.
Kindly asking $11.50 each and travel fare.
Lil green boy on the bottom right is SOLD, thank you!!!
Thanks for stopping on this wonderful Sunday!  Saw on FB today... 49 days to fall!  Oh My favorite time of year!!!!!!!  Still lots of summer to enjoy too!

Please email with any questions or for adoption at  I accept PP and MO. thanks! OLM

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