Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Night Update... I couldn't wait...

So I had this idea for a pumpkin....HEHE... 
I wasn't sure if it would work...
How it would look....
How many different idea's can I keep coming up with for pumpkins?
What do you think?
I think he's a hoot!  AND, I couldn't wait to share...
Here is WARTS!
A OLM OOAK Original design
 Created from my grungy muslin, rag and fiber fill stuffed.. painted orange, sanded, grungy up again, and sanded.... BUT, I added some "warts" on him!  LOVE IT!  So he is the first one of his kind!  I am sure there will be more?
 Wool for his nose, vintage buttons for eyes... pinched/stitched mouth that I painted white, then black lines for his "teeth"... grungy up, and sanded his mouth too!
 What do you think?  Would you like to give him a home?  He is about 29" around... I have been playing around with my patterns some too... trying to change things up... so this is the first one of this shape for this year... He is on the taller side.  About 10-11" tall without his stem, about 13-14" with the stem.
Kindly asking $40.50 and travel fare for Warts....

Oh happy Jack!  He is a new pattern shape for this season too... he is plump and round.  he is a happy guy, ready for the season!  Created from the same grungy muslin as WARTS.  He has a long wicked nose that is about 5" long.  Hand-stitched mouth and eyes, with little beads for his pupil's.

 He is about 34" around.. about 8" or so tall without his stem about about 11" with the stem.
He is ready for the fall season!  he is a OLM OOAK Original design.
Kindly asking $40.50 and travel fare.

I created these 4 simple pumpkins from a blue homespun flannel that I grungy up and sanded too... I used green army wool for their stems.

Each are about 19" around and about 7" tall to their stems... I have 4 available.
Kindly asking $9.50 ea and travel fare.

Lastly I have my first 4 primitive jack make- a-dos.  From the left, Jack in Yellow, Jack in Orange, then the last 2 in blue... Each with a wool stem.  All created from my grungy onsburg,painted, sanded, grungy, and yup, sanded again.
 Each has their own personality with hand-stitched faces.  to finish them off, each has a old textile bobbin, so they can be tucked anywhere for the season.

They are about 14" long from stem to the tip of the bobbins... The Jacks themselves are about 7" tall including their stems and about 6" wide.  Each is a OLM OOAK Original design.
Kindly asking $13.50 each and travel fare.
Blue Make A  Do on the right is SOLD, thank you kindly! 
Please contact me with any questions or to adopt one of my goofy jacks @
thanks for peeking! OLM


  1. Love your pumpkins and love your header, you are so creative. hugs, Lecia

  2. Hey there...I left a comment yesterday!!! I know I did or was it on FB...LOL
    I am on there so rare you would think I would remember.
    But anyway...LOVE MR. WART...he's the most unique one you have made to date!!!!
    I hope he sells for you and he probably has by now!