Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Fall Update!!! 2015

It's been so long since I have really created much of anything.
So a update is so long over due!!!
Happy Fall!
I hope you haven't forgotten about OLM and my creations.
Here are some of my goofy jacks for the season, few pumpkin misfits along with my new collection of gals I call the "stump gals"

Please email me with any questions or to adopt one of my creations @
Please use the numbers I have by each picture, if purchasing or asking questions, THANKS!
As always each of these creations are a one of a kind design.

 These are my big jacks for 2015.  
I am not making as big as in the past, shipping them has just gotten to expensive...sadly
Each Jack is a One of a kind, signed and dated.
Kindly asking $33.50 and travel fare.
 All are close to the same size here.. 
$33.50 and travel fare
 $33.50 and travel fare
 $33.50 and travel fare

 $33.50 and travel fare

 These boys are a wee bit smaller...
$20.50 and travel fare...
 $20.50 and travel fare

 $20.50 and travel fare

 $20.50 and travel fare 

 $20.50 and travel fare

The Misfit Pumpkins!!!
 Blue boy misfit...$30.50 and travel fare

 $28.50 and travel fare

 $15.50 and travel fare!

The Stump Gals!!!
Love their bodies from different fabrics.. some have stringy legs... some don't
 Bertha.. Love her fabric!!!
$44.50 and travel fare...

 $36.50 and travel fare...

Nikki and Vicki..
Nikki on the left in the brown is $29.50 and Vicki is $31.50 and travel fair...

Please email me with any questions about sizes and such, or to adopt at
I accept PP and MO's.. 
Have a great night!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I have been away for oh so long!
I hope you haven't forgotten about me!
If you are in the area of this wonderful prim show, I will have a booth there!
Stop and say hi!!!
I promise update next week!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Dolls for Sale on my other Blog... Here's the link

Yikes, I have not post a update oh so long... 
But, I did list them on my other blog this time... 
Here is the link if you would like to go peek at the girls and their cat!
Hope all is well and everyone is having a better summer, weather wise then we are!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Feb 14th Update!

I am embarrassed... 
I can't believe it's been so long since I have done a update...
I must admit, I did next to no creating over the Holidays...
I lost my MOJO... and it's just now coming back... 
So, here is the first new OLM OOAK original dolls for 2015...

Sweet gals all looking for their forever homes...

 First is Rosetta...
Adorable gal made from some grungy osnburg and her body is grungy civil war reproduction fabric..
her arms and legs are scraps of osnburg hand stitched together...

Facial details all hand stitched and Flax for her hair...
She is about 19" long...
She is a OLM OOAK. 
Kindly asking $31.50 and travel fare...

Oh Ethel!!!
I think she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar!
She is created from my grungy muslin.  
Stuffed with a mixture of rags and fiber fill.
Puckered mouth and hand stitched eyes and nose...

her top is a vintage dolls dress... (doesn't close in the back... but oh so prim...)
Grungy cheese cloth for her slip and wool for her skirt...
She is about  21" long
She is a OLM OOAK original design.
Kindly asking $38.50 and travel fare...

Here is Ethelyn...
She is a wee bit color blinded... nothing "quite" matches... LOL...
Prim blue calico skirt... brown civil war reproduction homespun top, all prim'd up... apron from grungy cheese cloth... and her finishing touch is a vintage green broach. 

She has a little bed head going on too... yet, Ethelyn thinks she is oh so put together... 
She is a OLM OOAK Original design...
she is a big gal.. about 23" long and her head is 9" wide... 
Kindly asking $55.50 and travel fare. 

I just got these totes in this week advertising my business and where my shop is in Elgin, IL... 
I thought it would be nice to offer one with a purchase of my girls going to their forever home..

If you would like to just purchase a tote for your use..
They are $5 ea and travel fare... They will go nicely in a padded envelope.
Email me at to adopt or for any questions. I accept PP & MO...