Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Primitive Hand-dids by OLM

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Fall Update!!! 2015

It's been so long since I have really created much of anything.
So a update is so long over due!!!
Happy Fall!
I hope you haven't forgotten about OLM and my creations.
Here are some of my goofy jacks for the season, few pumpkin misfits along with my new collection of gals I call the "stump gals"

Please email me with any questions or to adopt one of my creations @
Please use the numbers I have by each picture, if purchasing or asking questions, THANKS!
As always each of these creations are a one of a kind design.

 These are my big jacks for 2015.  
I am not making as big as in the past, shipping them has just gotten to expensive...sadly
Each Jack is a One of a kind, signed and dated.
Kindly asking $33.50 and travel fare.
 All are close to the same size here.. 
$33.50 and travel fare
 $33.50 and travel fare
 $33.50 and travel fare

 $33.50 and travel fare

 These boys are a wee bit smaller...
$20.50 and travel fare...
 $20.50 and travel fare

 $20.50 and travel fare

 $20.50 and travel fare 

 $20.50 and travel fare

The Misfit Pumpkins!!!
 Blue boy misfit...$30.50 and travel fare

 $28.50 and travel fare

 $15.50 and travel fare!

The Stump Gals!!!
Love their bodies from different fabrics.. some have stringy legs... some don't
 Bertha.. Love her fabric!!!
$44.50 and travel fare...

 $36.50 and travel fare...

Nikki and Vicki..
Nikki on the left in the brown is $29.50 and Vicki is $31.50 and travel fair...

Please email me with any questions about sizes and such, or to adopt at
I accept PP and MO's.. 
Have a great night!!!!

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